Why Own Precious Metals?

5 Reasons Every Investor Should Own Bullion

  • Precious metals insure your portfolio against risk. Gold is an asset uncorrelated to stocks and mutual funds. Unlike other assets, gold will not lose value or evaporate in an instant.
  • Precious metals have intrinsic value. Throughout history, gold’s predominant use is as money—and it is the world's only universally accepted form of final settlement.
  • Precious metals carry no counterparty risk. Bullion is not a claim on an asset, it’s the asset itself. Precious metal is the only financial asset that requires no other obligation to be made good. If you hold physical metals, you have zero default risk.
  • Precious metals could deliver capital gains. The precious metals market is small. If global financial instability reaches a tipping point, investors will flood the market—driving prices skyward.
  • The Hard Assets Alliance makes it easy. In just a few clicks, you can buy bullion, grow holdings incrementally, store it, take delivery, and sell it—all from the comfort of your home or office. There's never been an easier or more secure way to hold precious metals.

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