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The Precious Metals IRA from the Hard Assets Alliance

Don’t take risks with your retirement—secure your future with a Precious Metals IRA.

It’s hard to have peace of mind about retirement if your savings are tied up in traditional investments. Our IRA makes it easy to diversify your nest egg with the security of physical precious metals.

Seamless Integration

The Hard Assets Alliance offers the first fully integrated IRA program. No more sourcing a dealer, a custodian, and a storage facility, then filling out multiple forms and waiting weeks to purchase metals.

All it takes is a few minutes to complete one simple application and you’ll be set up with an online custodial account, an ultra-secure purchasing platform, and secure storage for your metal in the US or Switzerland. Application approval takes no more than 48 hours—typically much less.

Total Oversight

Our Precious Metals IRA is a self-directed retirement account. Because you control the investment decisions in the IRA, you—not your plan’s custodian—determine your asset mix. Our IRA makes it easy to invest in your choice of approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. You can trade to your heart’s content without ever needing to report transactions.

Buy with Confidence

Not all metals qualify for ownership in an IRA, so we make the purchasing process foolproof. Our system only displays approved metals to eliminate any chance of inadvertently purchasing bars or coins inappropriate for ownership in an IRA.

Offshore Storage

Until recently, setting up offshore storage required a significant amount of time and paperwork. With the Hard Assets Alliance, there’s none of that hassle—you can have your IRA hold gold offshore with the very same ease as a domestic IRA.

We offer storage in Zurich for 1-oz American Gold Eagle coins. Because these coins are legal tender, they can be held offshore in a Hard Assets Alliance IRA without any of the hassles that traditionally accompany offshore storage for your IRA gold.

Opening an Account – Easy as 1-2-3

Getting started with your Precious Metals IRA is as easy and convenient as investing in stocks, ETFs, or making a simple online purchase.

  1. open an account (in just minutes!)
  2. add or convert funds to the account
  3. purchase & store your precious metal

Opening an IRA

To open a Precious Metals IRA, complete our simple and secure application and select IRA as the account type. We offer Traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs for your convenience.

The application takes ten minutes or less to complete and your approved application will simultaneously establish an account with the custodian and a SmartMetals ®  purchasing and storage account.

Once your account is open, The Entrust Group, a well-known IRA custodian, will provide the required administration and hold your funds in trust for you. If additional information is required to open your account, one of The Entrust Group’s customer service representatives will contact you. Please note that SEP and SIMPLE IRA applications will always require additional information.

You can open as many IRAs as you choose, but your total annual contribution limit remains the same regardless of how many plans you have. When your application is approved you’ll receive an email with funding instructions for your SmartMetals account.

Adding New Funds

You can add funds to your account by ACH, bank wire, or check. There is no minimum deposit required to establish your Precious Metals IRA, and you can add funds over time until you have accumulated enough to make a purchase. There are also no minimum purchase requirements, which gives you the freedom to choose the quantity of precious metals that best suits your needs and your budget.

Converting Funds

If you have an existing IRA or 401k/403b, these retirement plans can be converted into a Precious Metals IRA. A transfer or rollover are the two simplest ways to diversify a portion of your retirement dollars into precious metals—without any tax penalties. Converting funds usually takes one to two weeks.

  • Transfers
    In an IRA to IRA transfer, your assets are transferred from your old custodian directly to the custodian of your new Precious Metals IRA (the distribution check is not sent to you). You can choose to transfer an existing plan at any time, tax-free.
  • Rollovers
    To move retirement funds between two qualified plans, such as from your current 401k to a Precious Metals IRA, the distribution from your existing retirement plan is paid directly to you. This distribution is tax-free as long as you re-deposit your funds into your new Precious Metals IRA within 60 days. If the 60-day period is exceeded, you will be liable for taxes and penalties on the funds withdrawn. You may rollover funds from an existing IRA tax-free once per year.

  • Whether you can roll over your 401k or 403b depends on the terms of your existing plan. Some plans allow rollovers, some come with penalties, and others do not allow a rollover until you leave employment. Check with your plan administrator for details on the terms and conditions of your 401k or 403b plan.

Funding from an Existing Account

Due to restrictions on qualified assets, a direct transfer of funds between your Hard Assets Alliance non-IRA and IRA accounts is not possible. IRA regulations require that your funds and metals be held for you by the custodian. To remain in compliance, all funding must go directly through Entrust.

An IRA contribution can be made by withdrawing funds from your existing Hard Assets Alliance account and depositing them with Entrust, who will notify the Alliance when your deposit is received. Funds are available for trading the following day.

Storage & Delivery

With every transaction, you can choose to store your metal in New York City, Salt Lake City, or Zurich. Our vaults are run by the world's most recognized security professionals and house gold for international banks, governments, and others who require absolute security and complete auditability—just like we do.

You may take delivery of your precious metals at any time, but be aware that delivery is considered a distribution and may trigger tax consequences. You should consult with your tax advisor prior to requesting a delivery.


Entrust charges a one-time $25 account-opening fee and a $100 per-year account-maintenance fee. All metals prices and storage fees are the same as our standard competitive prices offered by the Alliance.

Ready to risk-proof your retirement? Take a few minutes to complete our online application and say hello to the security of a Precious Metals IRA.

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