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MetalStream™ from the Hard Assets Alliance

Dollar Cost Average Your Precious Metal Position with our MetalStream Service

Most investors want to own precious metal as an all-climate hedge for their investment portfolio—but few of them actually do. Maybe it’s due to the volatility of the precious metals market. Investors, after all, want to be sure to get into an investment at the right time and at the best price.

Our MetalStream service relieves this uncertainty by enabling you to buy metals on a monthly basis in amounts as low as $250 per month. This lets you average into your position—making the price on any given day less important—and allows you to focus on your long-term investing goals.

Real, Physical Metal

When you apply MetalStream to your SmartMetals® account, you are always buying actual, physical precious metal. At first, you’ll own part of a bar, but as soon as you’ve invested in the equivalent of a whole bar of silver or gold, your holdings will automatically be converted to your own, fully allocated whole bar.

MetalStream can be used to purchase 1-oz. gold bars and 100-oz. silver bars (we believe these sizes represent the best value), which are held for you in non-bank vaults in Salt Lake City or Singapore. Your metal will sit safely in storage on your behalf, and you may take delivery whenever you want. There is no fee for converting.

Set It and Forget It

With MetalStream, you set the amount you wish to invest each month—as little as $250—and forget it. Whether markets fluctuate up or down becomes a minor consideration. The main thing is that you'll be steadily building your precious metals holdings while taking advantage of the price smoothing of dollar-cost averaging.

For your convenience, MetalStream uses the same ACH (automated clearinghouse) system millions of people use every month to automatically pay monthly mortgage or credit card bills. You can also enroll using checks or wire transfers. And it’s 100% free to set up.

On a set day each month you'll make an automatic transfer to your account, which we’ll invest in silver or gold per your instructions. As soon as the metal in your account reaches a whole unit of your preferred precious metal (or metals)—say, an ounce of gold—simply log into your secure account and with a couple of clicks, convert your holdings into whole bars.

Based on your instructions, the metal will be delivered to you or deposited into your account in one of our storage facilities. Of course, you can log into your account at any time to cancel MetalStream or change the type of precious metals you buy or the amount you invest each month.

Simple Innovation

MetalStream streamlines the process of buying precious metals over time—it’s incredibly simple and impressively cost-effective. This account feature brings a completely new dimension into play for individuals looking to incrementally build their precious metals holdings.

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Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
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