“Simply, the SmartMetals account brings together the latest in secure technology and ultra-efficient process to reduce costs and to take the hassle and uncertainty out of owning precious metals.”
Chris Martenson
Founder and CEO of Peak Prosperity
“Along with dozens of other esteemed financial researchers, Mauldin Economics is a member of Hard Assets Alliance, an innovative way to buy and hold gold both domestically and internationally. I highly recommend you take a look...”
John Mauldin
Chairman of Mauldin Economics

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Ask Olivier

Where is Gold’s Price Headed?

“Well respected investor Jim Rogers has warned investors that gold might plunge to $700-800 before this is all over. His report stated that there’s a 50-50 chance that gold will either go down towards $700 an ounce or up towards $1,800 an ounce....   Read More


Don’t Even Think About Selling Precious Metals Now

A few days ago, I received a call from one of our customers. He was very concerned about declining precious metals prices. Mr. F. is a very smart high-net-worth investor, not someone you’d expect to worry about temporary trends. But I understand—none...   Read More


How to Pick the Best Gold Dealers for Your Needs

In the current economic environment, an allocation to gold is a sensible choice. Gold is a safe-haven asset that performs well during periods of financial uncertainty. When the stock market is falling, gold’s price tends to rise. In other words,...   Read More

We Work with More Than a Dozen Well-Respected Financial Firms

Members of the Hard Assets Alliance include these familiar companies, trusted by millions of investors like yourself:

Mauldin Economics
Jim Rickards Strategic Intelegenc
The Street
Peak Prosperity
Agora Financial
Weoss Research
The Oxford Club
Rich Dad
The Sovereign Society
Eagle Financial Publications
Street Authority
Daily Reckoning

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