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The Hard Assets Alliance

Buy Gold and Other Precious Metals.
Secure Storage. Direct Delivery. Great Prices.

The Hard Assets Alliance makes buying, storing, and selling precious metal as easy as trading ETFs—but with the guarantee that you can take delivery of your holdings at any time.

“Simply, the SmartMetals account brings together the latest in secure technology and ultra-efficient process to reduce costs and to take the hassle and uncertainty out of owning precious metals.”
Chris Martenson
Founder and CEO of Peak Prosperity
“Along with dozens of other esteemed financial researchers, Mauldin Economics is a member of Hard Assets Alliance, an innovative way to buy and hold gold both domestically and internationally. I highly recommend you take a look...”
John Mauldin
Chairman of Mauldin Economics

Members of Hard Assets Alliance include these familiar companies, trusted by millions of investors like yourself:

Mauldin Economics
Jim Rickards Strategic Intelegence
The Street
Peak Prosperity
Agora Financial
Weoss Research
The Oxford Club
Rich Dad
The Sovereign Society
Eagle Financial Publications
Street Authority
Daily Reckoning

We Now Accept Bitcoin as Payment!

To learn more, call us Mon – Fri, 7AM – 4PM Arizona time.
877-727-7387 (toll-free within the US)
602-626-3022 (for international callers)
Or click here to download our Bitcoin Request Form

What Makes Us Different

Easy To Use

With a SmartMetals account you can buy, sell, store, or take direct delivery of metal to your home with just a few clicks of your mouse.
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Superior Purchasing Power

With access to an extensive network of dealers, the Hard Assets Alliance is able to keep prices extremely competitive.
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Secure Storage with Full Allocation

We offer storage at six of the world's largest non-bank vaults. The metal you buy is secure from bank holidays, asset seizure, and is truly yours.
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Live Customer Support

We have a dedicated team ready to answer your questions about opening and funding accounts, buying and selling metal and, so much more.
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Now you can buy gold with your credit card
VISA - Master Card

Now you can buy gold and silver using just your credit card and a few simple clicks! No account set-up necessary. For direct delivery only.

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How-To Videos

Buying and selling requires nothing more than a few clicks of a mouse. This short video will show you just how easy it is and the options you have each time you make a trade.