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Your Burning Questions About Gold Stocks

I was happy to see more than 1,000 HAA members claim the special research report so far. If you didn't see my previous emails, this research was produced by my colleague Stephen McBride over at disruptive research firm RiskHedge, where I am a principal. It's an excellent report, and Stephen's three gold stock picks are backed by great analysis.

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I’m 55 Years Old. Is It Too Late for Me to Invest in Gold?

My short answer to your question is “no,” it is not too late to invest in gold and make a profit at your age. Quite the contrary. With the market showing the early signs of a correction, it is, in my humble opinion, a perfect time to invest in precious metals.

The first rule of successful investing is to buy assets on the cheap, not when they are peaking. Yet most investors would rather buy Bitcoin when it reaches $19,000...

The reality is that stocks and bonds have been in a major uptrend for 9 years and 20+ years, respectively, and so are overdue for a correction. Gold, on the other hand, peaked in 2011 at $1,900 and has only recovered part of its loss so far.

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Will China’s First Oil Futures Raise Gold Prices?

You are right that China will start trading oil futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. Although this move is important in itself, it is part of a bigger trend.

In November 2015, the International Monetary Fund included the yuan in its basket of reserve currencies. In April 2016, Shanghai started trading gold.

These actions mark Beijing’s continued efforts to establish the yuan as a global reserve currency and replace the US dollar in the world’s commodity exchanges.

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What Are Your Shipping Rates for Precious Metals?

You’ve asked an excellent question for which there is no easy answer. The short answer is, “it depends.” First off, let me assure you that we don’t earn from shipping bullion. We charge our customers whatever our shipping partners charge us.

As for rates, it depends on the type of bullion (its size and weight) and the value of the shipment. Small shipments that are usually under $50,000 in value can be shipped with Fedex, whose rates are cheaper and competitive.

If you are to ship more bullion, we use armored logistics companies like Brink’s and Loomis. These companies offer the safest bullion delivery solutions. Plus, they will provide full replacement insurance for any shipment.

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Why Should I Trust Your Advice?

You are right to question whether the CEO and founder of a company that sells precious metals can write an unbiased article about precious metals. So let me give you some reasons why you should not dismiss advice written by me or my team.

First off, the Hard Assets Alliance is one of many businesses I have started in the finance industry. I have been the CEO and partner of two big financial publishing houses: Casey Research between 2007 and 2015 and Mauldin Economics from 2012 to this day.

In addition, I’m managing two hedge funds that invest in the resource sector.

In other words, providing actionable investment advice to investors is at the core of my business. During my entire career, I have never recommended an investment that I don’t strongly believe in and invest in myself. My philosophy is that if it is not good enough for my portfolio, it is not good enough for my customers.

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Are Junior Gold Mining Stocks a Better Investment Than Physical Gold?

As former CEO of Casey Research and CEO of a couple of private funds I manage with Marin Katusa, I am very close to gold mining stocks and the mining exploration business.

You are right that miners and junior miners are a way to leverage a speculation in gold. But they do not necessarily follow the price action in gold.

After all, they are securities and during stock market crashes, they tend to go down with the rest of the market. This is especially true for junior gold explorers and miners due to low-trade volumes. It takes only a few desperate sellers to send these stocks down.

Let me put this into context.

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How Are Gold Certificates Different from Gold Bullion?

I’ve received various questions about gold certificates from our customers lately. So, I thought it would make sense to tell more about them on this blog.

While gold certificates are a cost-efficient and easy way to get exposure to gold, I’d qualify them as paper gold. In theory, they are backed by physical gold bars. However, they usually entitle you to a specific number of grams or ounces in gold bullion. That means gold coins and bars are not fully allocated to you, despite the underlying gold value of your certificate.

In most cases, you only own a percentage of a 400 oz. gold bar with your gold certificates. This raises all sorts of liquidity issues when you decide to take possession of bullion.

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Is Gold Truly Not Correlated to the Stock Market?

Gold being a non-correlated asset does not necessarily mean that market fluctuations can’t affect it, especially in the short term. It means that gold is less vulnerable to volatility in the stock market than asset classes that are closely correlated to market activity.

You are spot-on in pointing out that gold prices dropped in the midst of the 2008 financial crash. But the S&P 500 dropped twice as much. Also, gold quickly recovered and reached new highs while stocks were still way down.

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