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What Is Gold’s Bottoming Price?

Thank you for your excellent question. I do not pretend to have a crystal ball, nor am I going to make any gold price predictions in this answer.

I’ve invested in gold for decades and have been in this industry for well over 10 years. During that time, I heard many gold price forecasts. Some gold bugs argued that the price was due to climb to $10,000 or more. A number of gold bears and deflationists were predicting gold’s return to as low as $300.

Ever since the gold bear market of 2011 started, many analysts, including some people I have a lot of respect for, have predicted that gold would drop below $1,000.

None of those predictions have come true.

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How to Spot Fake Gold and Avoid Fraud

Counterfeit products exist in almost all industries, and precious metals are no exception. However, there are many safeguards to protect yourself from buying fake gold.

The best way to ensure the authenticity of gold products is buying gold bars and coins strictly from LBMA (the London Bullion Market) approved dealers, mints, and refineries. This way, their authenticity is guaranteed.

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Is Buying Precious Metals Socially Responsible?

I share your concerns about the adverse effect of mining on the environment and the treatment of mine workers. But I am afraid there is no easy answer to your question.

I have followed the mining sector closely for the last 11 years. While there are still abuses and incidents in some areas of the world, I can tell you that all the major mining companies have adopted much higher standards in the past 20–30 years.

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Should I Store Precious Metals in Multiple International Locations?

“Where should I store gold?” and “Should I store in multiple international gold storage facilities?” are some of the most common questions I receive from our customers.

In short, the main reason why investors would consider storing precious metals in more than one international location is risk mitigation.

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Now You Can Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Since we started accepting bitcoin as payment in collaboration with BitPay, I’ve received a number of questions from our customers who were concerned that we might be taking part in cryptocurrency speculation.

That’s not true. And as the CEO of the Hard Assets Alliance, I felt the responsibility to clarify why we launched this service, which seemed to send a mixed message to our customers.

Long story short, a small number of our Hard Assets Alliance customers asked for the ability to buy gold with bitcoin. Some of them speculated in cryptocurrencies and wanted to allocate part of their gains to a tangible asset like gold.

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Does Gold Need To Move Out Of The Way For Bitcoin And The Future Of Money?

Let me start by clearly stating that I do not think Bitcoin is “bad for business.”  

In fact, I am a big believer in the blockchain technology and generally agree with the author of the article you provided. Blockchain is a transformative technology that will revolutionize finance and many other domains, just like the Internet did; no question. I am also a libertarian who welcomes these changes.

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Why I Founded the Hard Assets Alliance

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