Your Burning Questions About Gold Stocks

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Your Burning Questions About Gold Stocks

Q: Hi Olivier, thanks for sending me a copy of this gold stock research report. One question, will owning gold stocks protect me in a market meltdown?

You're welcome. I was happy to see more than 1,000 HAA members claim the special research report so far. And it's still available for free, right here. If you didn't see my previous emails, this research was produced by my colleague Stephen McBride over at disruptive research firm RiskHedge, where I am a principal. It's an excellent report, and Stephen's three gold stock picks are backed by great analysis.

To answer your question: owning gold stocks will absolutely not protect you in a market meltdown.

Physical gold is great crisis insurance because it has served as money for thousands of years. When markets crash and investors flee stocks, they have historically hidden out in gold, which can send its price soaring.

But unlike physical gold, gold stocks are speculative assets. They can often multiply your money in short periods of time when greed is gripping markets. But when fear is dominant and markets crash, gold stocks won't save you. At the end if the day, gold stocks are securities. If a crisis hits, they'll most likely plunge along with other stocks.

The main reason I'm buying gold mining stocks today is that they are one of the only undervalued sectors on earth. The last time miners were this cheap was in the late '90s, and they exploded for big gains the following decade. I personally believe we are once again on the eve of a massive tidal change from bear market to bull market.

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Q: Dear Olivier, I hope you won't mind if I put you on the spot. The special research report you sent us recommends three specific "10X" gold stocks to profit in the coming bull market in gold. Can gold stocks really soar 1,000% in short periods?

Yes, gold stocks are one of very few publicly traded asset classes with such explosive potential. This is due to their extreme cyclicality, as the report explains right here.

I speak from experience. As you may know I am CEO of a couple of private resource funds I manage with Marin Katusa. As just one example, we once made 1,936% on a small miner called Midas Gold in under two years. Of course, many of our investments don't work out this well. And capturing huge gains like this isn't easy. We put in a lot of work to find the best miners.

But when you can make 19X in one position as we did with Midas, the math is in your favor. That's why I'm happy to share Stephen's research with those of you interested in speculating in high-upside gold stocks. 

Today, many gold miners are more profitable than they were five years ago, yet their stock prices are cheaper.  Supply has declined and we are very likely to see gold shortages in the next few years. This usually makes for triple-or quadruple-digit gains in this industry.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a Hard Assets Alliance member.

Olivier Garret

Olivier Garret, CEO
Hard Assets Alliance


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