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About Hard Assets Alliance

What is the Hard Assets Alliance?

What metals do you offer?

Are all metals available at all locations?

What types of accounts does the Hard Assets Alliance offer?

How do I open a precious metals IRA?

Can I move funds from an existing IRA into my new Hard Assets Alliance IRA?

How do I create a UTMA account?

What are the UTMA per-purchase minimums?

Do I need an account to purchase metals through the Hard Assets Alliance?

How quickly can I begin trading with the Hard Assets Alliance?

What forms of payment do you accept to fund my account?

Is there a minimum investment?

Do you sell mint-condition or proof coins, or limited editions?

How can I be sure of the purity of the products I purchase?


Okay, let's talk price. How is the pricing of my purchases or sales established?

How competitive are the prices available through the SmartMetals® account?

How often do you update your pricing?

What if I want to invest but don't have enough money to buy an ounce of gold right now?

What is MetalStream™ and how does it work?

Do you charge sales tax?

Do you charge VAT?

What is the settlement process for a trade?

What if I buy today and the price goes up or down before my metal is shipped?

What if I place an order after hours?

How long from the time I buy until the bars or coins are stored in the vault of my choice?

Where does the Hard Assets Alliance purchase its precious metals?

Can I buy metals in one region and ship them to another?

How long will an inactive account stay open?

Can I fund my account by sending in metals I already own?

What makes Hard Assets Alliance different from other precious metals venues?

I am interested in internationalizing my precious metals assets, but I see that my Hard Assets Alliance account is technically based in the US. Should that concern me?

Do I have to be a US citizen to open a SmartMetals® account?

How easy is it to use the online trading platform?

I'd rather place my orders by telephone. Is that possible?

On Selling from your SmartMetals® account

When I sell, how is my money delivered? Check or direct deposit?

How long does it take to get my money when I sell?

If I am selling, when is my price locked in?

If I store outside the US and I sell, what currency will I be paid in?

I am a US citizen. If I make a purchase and store it outside the US, when I sell, can I have the proceeds deposited into a non-US bank and in the currency of my choice?

Is the bullion I buy really mine?

Does HAA offer pool accounts?

Shipping and storage

What is the cost of storage?

How does the storage fee work?

How much does shipping to my address cost?

Can you ship to my P.O. box?

What happens if the gold or silver being shipped to me is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised during shipment? Does shipping cost include insurance?

How are large orders shipped?

Can I take delivery at an address other than my address of record?

Can I store my products now and get delivery later?

Can I store metals held in my SmartMetals® IRA outside of the US?

Where are your facilities located?

How do I know my bullion is really in the vault?

Are the contents of the vaults secure—and insured?

Can I store my existing coins and bullion with HAA?

Can I transfer my holdings from one location to another?

If I buy coins and bars, how will you know which ones are mine?

Can I have bullion at multiple facilities?

Can I stop by and see my metal holdings?

Your Hard Assets Alliance account

Are customers' cash accounts FDIC insured?

Can I make monthly payments on my gold?

Can I cancel a delivery?

I am a US citizen. Are buy-and-sell transactions reported to the IRS?

Other frequently asked questions

Can I trade the silver in my account for gold and vice versa?

Can I take a loan or line of credit out on my stored gold?

Should I choose bars or coins?

Could my metals be worth more in one region than another depending on the local economy?

Can I put in a stop loss to sell if the price moves downward?

Do you offer any way to short the price of gold and silver?

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