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gold 1 oz Bar

Weight: 1oz

Availability: In Stock

Gold 1oz bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure) and contain one fine troy oz of gold. Picture is a likeness only. Orders will be filled with bars from LBMA-listed manufacturers. Actual brand may vary from the picture above.

Location Price (Price per Ounce)
New York $1,325.59 / $1,325.59
Salt Lake City $1,325.59 / $1,325.59
Zurich $1,325.59 / $1,325.59
London $1,334.69 / $1,334.69
Sydney $1,322.45 / $1,322.45
Singapore $1,323.47 / $1,323.47

1 oz Bar: New York

Purchase Amount Price (Price per Ounce)
$1,000.00 - $49,999.99 $1,325.59 / $1,325.59
$50,000.00 - $249,999.99 $1,322.97 / $1,322.97
$250,000.00 - $999,999.99 $1,320.35 / $1,320.35
$1,000,000.00 + $1,317.73 / $1,317.73

The 1 oz gold bar is a small yet attractive fixed-weight gold bar that offers a convenient and cost-effective way to acquire gold bullion. 1 oz gold bars have a high purity of 99.99%. Each bar contains one troy ounce of gold. All our gold bars are carefully selected from highly regarded precious metal refiners, accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Investors should note that actual brands and appearance can vary from the picture above.

If you are looking to buy gold bullion for your investment portfolio, a 1 oz bar is an excellent choice as 1 oz gold bars can be placed in a precious metals IRA. Buy a beautiful 1 oz gold bar for your investment portfolio today.


The Hard Assets Alliance offers only bullion from the world's top wholesalers and dealers. No numismatics or rare coins - only widely recognized sovereign coins and standard bullion bars.

Why? Because they hold their value more consistently than any other form of precious metal. Accepted at monetary exchanges, coin dealers, and banks around the world, the bullion we offer is among the most liquid forms of precious metal on earth.