Announcing an amazingly simple, new way of buying precious metals over time in affordable increments and storing them internationally…


… from the innovators at the Hard Assets Alliance

Dear Investor,

We are excited to announce an incredibly simple and cost-effective new way of buying precious metals over time… and storing them internationally.

It's called MetalStream™, and it's from the innovative team here at the Hard Assets Alliance.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Hard Assets Alliance, it is an organization comprised of some of the world's top financial publishers. Last year they came together with a shared goal of helping subscribers avoid the growing risks from a dangerous global trend toward monetary madness.

Working together, the Hard Assets Alliance has now helped thousands of investors reduce the costs and eliminate the challenges of buying, selling, and securely storing precious metals in the world's most secure private vaults located in Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, London… and in the United States (New York and Salt Lake City locations).

Specifically, after completing a simple and secure online application and opening a Hard Assets Alliance SmartMetals™ account, members are able to…

… buy metals online and enjoy low prices, thanks to a competitive bidding process with up to 12 approved dealers bidding in real time to win their business…

then, with a click, arrange to take delivery or have their metals stored in ultra-secure, bonded warehouses located  in the United States (New York and Salt Lake City) or in Singapore, Australia, Zurich, or London.

Internationally diversifying your precious metals holdings has literally never been simpler, easier, faster, or more convenient.

MetalStream™ Takes Things to the Next Level!

MetalStream from the Hard Assets Alliance brings a completely new dimension into play for individuals looking to build their internationally diversified precious metals holdings incrementally over time.

Simply speaking, MetalStream is the ideal solution for everyone looking to steadily and methodically build their precious metals holdings and have it effortlessly stored internationally.

MetalStream Walkthrough

Once your account application is approved (usually within minutes), log in to your new account and click on the MetalStream button.

You will then be asked:

For those of you taking advantage of ACH, once the above information is submitted, a small test transaction is processed to ensure that everything is working smoothly. You are then all set. Going forward, the amount you have designated will automatically be transferred from your bank or brokerage account to your Hard Assets Alliance account on the designated date.

Converting your cash to your preferred metal is as easy as clicking on the MetalStream button within your secure Hard Assets Alliance account and following the simple instructions.

As long as you have sufficient funds in your account, on the next available conversion date (all MetalStream purchases are made on the 23rd day of each month, or the next available business day if that day falls on a weekend or holiday) your cash will be converted to as much metal as your cash position allows. Set your MetalStream conversion up and, every month thereafter, your cash will be converted to precious metals. Of course, you may pause or cancel MetalStream conversions at any time.

That's it! And once you open your Hard Assets Alliance SmartMetals account and activate the MetalStream feature, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from regularly converting a fixed number of your paper dollars to a steady stream of precious metals in the world's most secure private vaults, safe from grasping hands.

Get started building your internationally diversified precious metals holdings today. If you are new to the Hard Assets Alliance, click here to open your account today.

If you are among the thousands of individuals who have already opened your SmartMetals account, then simply log in to your account and look for the MetalStream button.

Click to open your
Hard Assets Alliance SmartMetals™
account now.


Ed D'Agostino
General Manager