Is there gold in your wallet?

Is There Gold in Your Wallet?

Gold is essential “disaster insurance.” As a precious-metals investor, you probably hold this point of view.

During times of economic turmoil—like the potential aftermath should the dollar lose its reserve currency status—physical metals like gold could become the only accepted currency… the only sure way to provide your family with the everyday essentials they need.

But here's the thing…

Handing over an ounce of gold for simple items like milk and gas is, quite simply, not a good trade.

That’s why at the Hard Assets Alliance, we’d like to introduce you to a divisible solution through our innovative product: the CombiBar.

CombiBars are similar in dimension to a credit card. Their convenient size means that a Combi Bar can be easily and discreetly carried in your wallet.

Still, an entire CombiBar is far too much gold to hand over for smaller purchases. That’s why CombiBars are scored so that you can easily separate them into pieces in order to use one precisely weighted and valued piece at a time.


Now, for the first time, gold investors like you can solve the divisibility problem with gold.

The CombiBar is made by Valcambi Suisse, one of the world’s most trusted precious metals refiners and is 0.9999% pure 24k gold. Each CombiBar is assigned a unique serial number, comes with an assay certificate, and is securely sealed in a plastic case. Each piece bears the Valcambi hallmark and a stamp of purity, ensuring liquidity and international recognition.

To provide you with greater flexibility, we offer CombiBars in two forms: a 50-gram (1.6075- ounce) gold bar, and a 1-ounce gold bar.

The 50-gram CombiBar is configured as a 5x10 grid, with each square containing one gram of gold. The squares can be easily detached by hand into one-gram pieces—a very convenient amount for making small purchases during emergencies.

Each one-gram square of a 50-gram CombiBar is worth approximately $40 today. This is an ideal amount to cover necessary purchases during disastrous times.

The 1-ounce CombiBar is divisible into 10 pieces, each a tenth of an ounce in weight, making it ideal when you need to make somewhat larger expenditures. Each tenth-ounce segment of the bar is currently worth about $125.


CombiBars are now available for immediate delivery or storage at our US vaults.

To purchase a CombiBar today, just click here to log in to your account.

If you have any questions about this leading-edge product, simply call the Hard Assets Alliance customer service team toll-free at 1-877-727-7387.

Combining discreet portability, the assurance of value that only precious metals can offer, and the convenience of a gold bar that can be broken into precisely valued pieces, the CombiBar is the perfect disaster insurance.

Click here to log in and purchase CombiBars . You will have one less thing to worry about in a volatile, uncertain world where you may not be able to depend on the bills in your wallet or the balance in your bank account.

Best regards,

Hard Assets Alliance Team

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