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In addition to CombiBars, an account with the Hard Assets Alliance will provide you with access to:

  • Physical metals, not paper. Unlike the "paper gold" (actually electronic) holdings offered by ETFs, with SmartMetals™ you are buying physical bullion bars and coins that you can hold at home, in an international vault, or your within your IRA.
  • Online-easy. Just like an online brokerage account, once your SmartMetals account is opened, you can securely buy or sell your metals with a mouse click… from the convenience of your personal computer (or you can call a trader to place your order).
  • Dealer network ensures best prices. Thanks to truly breakthrough technology, each order you place—whether to buy or sell—is bid on by a network of approved dealers, ensuring you always benefit from the lowest possible prices.
  • International storage in a snap. During the seamless and speedy ordering process, you'll be presented with the option of having your metals inexpensively stored in New York City, Salt Lake City, Zurich, London, Melbourne, or Singapore. Storage options for the SmartMetals IRA are New York City and Salt Lake City. Storage is provided through agreements with Brink's, ViaMat, and Malca Amit, the largest non-bank storage providers in the world.
  • Prompt access to your metals. If you prefer to have your metals shipped directly to you—at the time of purchase or from the storage vault you choose, at any time in the future—they are guaranteed to be on their way within two business days, fully insured of course.
  • No counterparty risk. With SmartMetals:
    • You own the physical metals—complete with the distinct serial numbers on any variable weight bars. Your metals are held in an allocated account in fully insured vaults operated by the world's most trusted vaulting firms and are audited regularly by a Big Four accounting firm.
    • You have no counterparty risk—again, they're your metals, held on your behalf in a fully insured non-bank vault.
    • You are buying specific coins and bars for your account only. In order to keep things simple and to allow for low costs and easy pricing, SmartMetals sells only coins issued by major governments (e.g., US Silver Eagles) and bars from the world's top wholesaler dealers and refiners.
    • You can have your precious metals sent directly to you, anywhere in the world—it's as easy as logging in to your SmartMetals account. Of course, if you prefer, you can always instantly sell your metals with a click and have the resulting funds deposited into your account.

A note on account opening—the process takes approximately ten minutes. You may open an individual account, or an account for your LLC, C-Corp, or even your Trust. IRAs are also available. Due to "Know Your Customer" regulations, we are required to obtain personal information. This information will be stored on secure servers to ensure your privacy. Once open, you may fund your account by ACH, check, or bank wire, and then buy, sell, and store precious metals at your convenience.