A special message from the Hard Assets Alliance to all parents and grandparents…

The Single Best Gift You Can Give the Kids This Holiday Season

Dear Reader,

Today I’d like to show you the best gift you can give your children and grandchildren this holiday season.

And right now, you have a (potentially short) window of opportunity to maximize the value of that gift—to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

This window of opportunity may not stay open for long, so please read on to find out more.

What I’ll show you is fast and easy to put in place. You can do it in about 10 minutes.

It is inexpensive. In fact, it’s 100% free to set up. It is also safe and secure.

It could also be the single best protection you can provide your loved ones to ensure their financial security for years and decades to come.

Here’s why taking action today to protect your children and grandchildren’s future security is so important…

What World Will Our Children Inherit… and How Can We Prepare Them for an Uncertain Future?

You’re a concerned parent (or grandparent). That’s a safe assumption.

I don’t simply mean “concerned” in that when your children were young, you insisted they wear a helmet when they raced their bicycles around the neighborhood…

… or that you began saving for their college education before they could walk across the living room…

… or you did everything in your power to make sure they had access to the best doctors and teachers possible…

Of course you did those things. You love your kids and want what’s best for them.

You’ve worked hard for years to give them every advantage and every opportunity.

When I assume you’re a concerned parent or grandparent, what I mean is you’re concerned about your children’s future.

What kind of a world will our kids inherit, after all?

  • Will they graduate college and start careers… get married and buy a home… have children of their own… in a world with a worthless dollar?

  • Will Washington remain poisoned by political infighting and grudge-driven bureaucrats?

  • Will the stock market spiral ever-higher on runaway valuations?

  • Or will our children face a long, U-shaped market bottom just when they’re ready to put their own hard-earned investment dollars to work?

In short, will they face a series of financial “doomsdays” throughout their lives?

What hardships might our kids and grandkids face that are unthinkable to you and me?

These are tough questions.

These are also unpleasant things to consider.

  • Personally, I want to envision my own children coming-of-age in a world full of opportunity, peace, and safety.

  • But I have to take steps as a responsible parent to prepare them for the alternative.

That’s the rational, prudent thing to do.

I know I’m not telling you anything new.

You’ve had these same thoughts yourself.

My point is that every generation struggles to a certain degree… trying to predict what life will be like for their offspring 10 or 20 years in the future.

I’d like to show you a solution you can put in place today—a solution that could eliminate the worry of long-term security for your family right now.

Gold and Silver Ensure Your Children and Grandchildren
Start Life on a Strong Financial Footing

I’m Ed D’Agostino, general manager of the Hard Assets Alliance. I view gold and silver as reliable means to build wealth for tomorrow.

And by starting to accumulate physical precious metals today, you can lay the foundation for your loved ones’ financial security.

That’s why I don’t view physical gold and silver as a “trade.” They’re not to be bought and sold in search of small, quick rewards.

For many generations, these metals have helped create a financial safety net, and they are far too important to be treated in such a cavalier way.

If you want to provide security for children in your family when they begin their adult lives, you can easily do so by buying gold and silver for them today.

Gold’s Enduring Promise

“The great merit of gold is precisely that it is scarce; that its quantity is limited by nature; that it is costly to discover, to mine, and to process; and that it cannot be created by political fiat or caprice.”
Henry Hazlitt, Economist, Philosopher, and Writer


What I’m about to show you is a way you can buy real gold and silver bullion on behalf of your loved ones so it’s there for them when they need it.

You can do this today, quickly and easily. What I’ll show you is 100% free to set up.

Maybe you’ll choose to keep your gold and silver purchases a secret, and reveal them as a gift on that special young person’s 18th or 21st birthday…

The choice is yours.

The security, however, lasts a lifetime.

Introducing the Gold and Silver Solution Your Family Members Can Benefit from for Years to Come

A US legal provision known as UTMA, or the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, makes it possible for you to buy gold and silver for minor children in your family this holiday season… to give them a strong start in life years from now.

Here’s how it works…

UTMA allows you to essentially hold assets in “trust” for the beneficiaries until they come of legal age.

Suppose you have a child or grandchild who’s 10 years old today (or a niece or nephew… any minor whose future you’d like to protect).

You can open an UTMA account in that child’s name through the Hard Assets Alliance today and continue accumulating precious metals for them until they reach the age of 18, or in most US states, 21.

State-by-state, the age regulations vary, so you’ll want to consult with your tax professional to see how your home state handles UTMA.

All of our precious metal coins and bars can be held in an UTMA account, so you can purchase your products of choice. Likewise, you can choose from any of our US and international storage options.

Also, you can open an UTMA account with the Hard Assets Alliance for free and, due to our no-minimum-purchase requirement, fund it when you choose with whatever amount you like.

As you see, an UTMA precious metals account gives you enormous flexibility to shape the gift you’re giving—types of metals, amounts (how much and how often), and storage locations.

Setting up an UTMA precious metals account is an ironclad way to prepare young people for the future.

For generations, US savings bonds served as a similar kind of investment.

A parent or grandparent would give a child a savings bond on her or his birthday or for the holidays.

The bonds would get filed away in a bureau drawer or in a safe deposit box at the bank, and when the day came to pay for college or put a down payment on a home, they would get cashed in.

Unfortunately, the catch with savings bonds is that due to the ever-eroding purchasing power of the US dollar, these days they actually decrease in value.

The savings bonds you bought for $1,000 in 1990 are worth less than $1,000 today. And in today’s low-interest-rate environment, the increase in “value” approaching maturity can’t even keep pace with inflation.

With a Hard Assets Alliance UTMA account, on the other hand, the decreasing value of dollars is removed from the equation. In their place is the time-tested, secure store of value offered by precious metals.

And so everyone can benefit from this traditional wealth-building tool, the Hard Assets Alliance has made using an UTMA account for children in your family easier than ever before.

Buy When Gold and Silver Are Down and Watch Their Value
Increase in Your Child’s UTMA Account

Saving through an UTMA account allows you to purchase gold and silver coins or bars whenever you want.

That gives you as a prudent investor the opportunity to buy precious metals when prices are low and watch their value grow exponentially over time.

Right now is the best time in a decade to purchase precious metals.

Excessive money printing in Japan, ongoing economic crises in Europe, and announcements of QE tapering by the Fed have strengthened the US dollar against the euro, yen, and British pound, and affected the price of the metals.

Just recently, gold dipped below the $1,200 range, and silver was less than $16 per ounce… bargain-basement prices we haven’t seen since early 2010.

But if you know the historical significance of the precious metals for wealth preservation, you know they won’t stay there.

Famous investor and author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report Marc Faber expects that ultimately, gold will make a triumphant comeback.

“Eventually,” says Faber, “the money will flow out of the inflated asset markets into the less inflated. … It’s like coffee was at 300 cents a pound; it dropped to 103 cents a pound at year-end 2013, and now it more than doubled.”

So if you want to give your children or grandchildren a gift of lasting—and increasing—value, right now is a great time to open an UTMA account.

Your purchases of real, tangible gold and silver will build up over time on behalf of the designated minor(s) in your family.

When that minor needs the metal as he or she begins adult life, it’s there, safe and secure… and chances are, greatly risen in value.

Personally, I cannot think of a better gift to give your kids this holiday season than the lifelong security of gold and silver through an UTMA account.

Gold’s Value Over Generations

“Gold would have value if for no other reason than that it enables a citizen to fashion his financial escape from the state.”
William F. Rickenbacker, Author and Senior Editor of The National Review


I know you have several questions—costs, security of your gold and silver… among others…

I’ll answer all the most pressing and most common questions in a moment.

First, here are a few of the key benefits of UTMA you should consider…

  • Opening an UTMA account with the Hard Assets Alliance is 100% free. You can fund the account and make your first purchase whenever you choose.

There is, however, a key reason why you should consider funding an UTMA account and making a purchase of gold or silver before December 31, 2014.

I’ll explain the tax implications and why you should act now in just a moment.

  • The UTMA account setup process takes about 10 minutes. After standard account-opening procedures, you can start buying gold and silver in about two business days.

It’s very easy: you buy the metal (as little or much as you want) and store it in any of our US or international vaults, where it will be kept safe until your kids or grandkids come of age.

Once per quarter, a Big Four accounting firm conducts a full review of all vaults to verify your gold and silver are in place.

We’ve made our UTMA accounts as safe as it gets, because we want you to sleep peacefully, knowing that the safety net you’re building for your family members will be there when they need it.

Come what may in the unpredictable equities markets, you’ll know you’re providing “wealth insurance” for your loved ones.

And right now, that wealth insurance comes at a discount—so don’t wait to set up your UTMA account.

Earlier, I promised to answer your questions about the Hard Assets Alliance and the UTMA program. Below, please find answers to the most important questions:

Your Hard Assets Alliance and UTMA
Questions… Answered

What is the Hard Assets Alliance?

The Hard Assets Alliance is a group of over 60 economic and financial publishing and research firms that have banded together to offer their members unparalleled access to real, tangible, physical precious metals via an easy-to-use platform.

How do I know my precious metals are safe in the vault I choose?

Records of holdings in the vault locations are reconciled on a daily basis. Once per quarter, a Big Four accounting firm conducts a full vault audit.

The Hard Assets Alliance contracts with the world’s largest and most respected non-bank vaulting companies in the world. In the United States, the Hard Assets Alliance works with Brink’s. Malca-Amit provides secure storage in Singapore.

What makes the Hard Assets Alliance different from other precious metals venues?

There are several ways the Hard Assets Alliance is different (and better) than other precious metals buying, storing, and selling venues. First, the Hard Assets Alliance user interface is intuitive, easy to use, and extremely reliable.

Second, the Hard Assets Alliance does not offer “paper” accounts like many other platforms. You choose the type and amount of metal you want to buy.

The Hard Assets Alliance offers storage options for your precious metals in the capacity of a “steward,” nothing more. Your metal is yours, and yours alone.

Third, selling your metal is just as easy as buying it. The entire Hard Assets Alliance interface is designed to give you “one-stop” power to buy, store, and sell precious metals quickly and at the best possible prices.

The metal you sell is converted to cash that is deposited directly into your account.

How do I create a free UTMA account?

UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act), available in 48 US states*, is a provision whereby an adult can transfer wealth to minors.

In most states, the minor doesn’t come into possession of the assets until the age of 21. In some states, he or she must take possession of the assets at age 18. Check with your tax advisor to learn the UTMA regulations in your state of residence.

With Hard Assets Alliance, UTMA accounts are free and easy to set up.

Applying for an account takes approximately 10 minutes. After providing basic account information, you can be ready to buy precious metals in about two business days.

If you already have an account with the Hard Assets Alliance, you may use your existing username and password to set up the UTMA account.

As a custodian of that account in the minor’s name, you may buy on her or his behalf, but you cannot take possession of the metals. The metals are, after all, being bought for someone other than you.

*UTMA regulations have not been adopted by Vermont and South Carolina.

What are the UTMA per-purchase minimums?

There are no per-purchase minimums for UTMA accounts (or any Hard Assets Alliance accounts).

Our full range of precious metals products and storage locations are available.

You can open an UTMA account for free and with our no-minimum purchase policy, fund it when you choose with whatever amount you like.

For full details on how to open an UTMA account, please call the Hard Assets Alliance customer support at 1-877-727-7387.

Here’s How to Get Started with Your UTMA Account Now…
Also, How to Get More Information or Talk Live to an Expert

I realize you may have other questions about UTMA accounts.

That’s why I recommend you visit the Hard Assets Alliance website and click on “Questions” in the top navigation bar at the homepage.

Clicking “Questions” will take you to a comprehensive question-and-answer page that covers storage locations, buying and selling metals, how to check your metals account, details on our strict confidentiality measures, and much more.

Click here to visit the Hard Assets Alliance website, or call 1-877-727-7387.

To get started, you can visit the site and simply click any of the icons you see that say “Open Account.”

Opening an UTMA account with the Hard Assets Alliance is, of course, free.

You can fund it when you choose to do so, and safely begin purchasing real, tangible gold and silver for your children and grandchildren.

Here's why you should take action today.

While there is no limit to annual UTMA contributions, there is a limit to the annual amount that may be contributed without incurring a gift tax.

That limit is currently $14,000 (consult your tax advisor for details).

  • If you’re interested in starting an UTMA account for a child or grandchild in your family with a sizable contribution, you may want to open and fund the account in 2014, to allow for maximum flexibility in the new year.

  • And remember, right now you get a lot of gold and silver for your money—so I recommend you take full advantage of the low prices.

As you know, gold and silver will stand the test of time. They’re an insurance policy against disaster and a reliable store of wealth for the long term.

Purchasing gold and silver today for your loved ones to benefit from tomorrow is the best gift you can give this holiday season.

I urge you to open an UTMA account for the children in your life, while what you’ve read in this short letter is fresh in your mind.

Your family will thank you.


Ed D'Agostino
Ed D'Agostino
General Manager of the Hard Assets Alliance

P.S. Buying and selling precious metals has truly never been easier than at the Hard Assets Alliance. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you already have the know-how to buy and sell precious metals via an UTMA account.

Click here to open an account now.
Or to talk to a knowledgeable service representative, call 1-877-727-7387.