Why You Shouldn’t Get Hung Up on Today’s Gold Price

Gold investors wonder why the stock market is flirting with all-time highs and gold prices remain relatively depressed.  

Well, consider this: insurance is generally cheap before a disaster strikes and becomes outrageously expensive in the period following a crisis.

I believe there are a broad range of risks right now that investors should keep a close eye on—risks that have the potential to initiate the next correction (or even the next depression).

In today’s edition of Metal Masters, I would like to introduce you to three extraordinary thinkers who bring a unique outlook to our current situation. After listening to Neil, Pippa, and Mark, I think you’ll value your “gold insurance” more than ever.

First, Neil Howe, author of The Fourth Turning, comments on the new administration and the risk of civil war in America.

Next, former presidential advisor Pippa Malmgrem discusses why she sees inflation returning in 2017.

Finally, leading hedge fund manager Mark Yusko talks about the risks America faces when we decide to shake up the international status quo.

All three of these interviews are featured on riskhedge.com, a new website dedicated to providing objective, non-alarmist risk assessments to help investors better understand the world we live in.  

Each of these featured experts provides an important perspective in these very confusing times. I encourage you to share these interviews with friends and family if you agree.

Olivier Garret, CEO
Hard Assets Alliance