The security of physical gold

Members of the Hard Assets Alliance understand that clients want unequivocal ownership and unfettered access to the physical precious metals they own. Thus, the Alliance handles physical precious metal - and nothing else. Specifically, we don't offer paper commitments from an ETF or as part of a "pooled" account. Simply, you own the metal, whether it's specific coins or a numbered bar - and, if it's a numbered bar, you have the specific serial numbers. It doesn't get any more "yours" than that.

To keep things simple - which means easy to buy and easy to sell - we offer only bullion: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from the world's top wholesalers and dealers. No numismatics, no rare coins - only widely recognized sovereign coins and standard bullion bars, which hold their value more consistently than any other form of gold. Accepted at monetary exchanges, coin dealers, and banks around the world, the bullion Hard Assets Alliance offers is among the most widely accepted and liquid forms of bullion on earth.

Safer than money in the bank...
because no bank is involved

Keeping your precious metals in a bank's safe deposit box provides little protection from the monetary problems we own precious metals to avoid. In the event of a bank failure or nationalization, you risk losing access to your gold for weeks, months, or potentially forever - not to mention the time and effort required to get access and ship the metal, should you want to sell or trade between metals.

While keeping your gold at home in a safe may seem like a good alternative, if you own more than a small amount, home storage is no better. Disasters, theft, mobility, and liquidity are all risks to your savings.

Don't risk it. Store your bullion with one of our secure vault providers, and it will be kept safe and secure, away from the hands of any banker - central or local.

And, by using our vault storage, you can sell your precious metals effortlessly at any time, and have immediate access to the proceeds for additional purchases or transfer to another account.

Your metals are
audited and secure

Our internal records are reconciled with the vaults on a daily basis. Once every quarter, the contents belonging to HAA customers at each vault are verified by one of the Big Four international accounting firms.

The vaults are run by the world's most recognized security professionals. Our facilities house gold for international banks, governments, and others who require absolute security and complete auditability - just like we do.

With around-the-clock armed physical security, state-of-the-art electronic protection, and insurance for the full value of your deposit, you can sleep well knowing your wealth is safe.

And with every transaction, you can choose to have your gold stored in the location of your choice in the US (Brink's), Switzerland (ViaMat), Australia (Brink's), Singapore (Malca-Amit), or the UK (ViaMat); with silver in Australia and Singapore; and platinum, palladium and silver storage in New York and Salt Lake City.

And so is your data

The SmartMetals® platform uses industry best-practice standards for security, regularly audited by independent security firms to avoid unauthorized access. Our data centers have state-of-the-art protection systems, with 24x7 onsite staff and biometric access control. And our infrastructure is managed with ISO17799-based procedures, regularly reviewed in SAS70 Type II audits. That's a fancy way of saying that your data is completely safe, and independent protocols ensure that no one can ever gain access to your metals without your approval.

Your metals are available for delivery at any time.

Your metals in storage are just that, your metals. You can have them delivered from storage at any time. Simply chose “delivery” when in your online account to order some or all of your metals for delivery to your primary address on file. All deliveries are fully insured for replacement value.

Deliveries to alternate locations are possible, with prior arrangements to ensure your metals are always shipped where you want them, when you want them.

You may also sell some or all of your metals on any day the markets are open. Because of our extensive network of competing dealers, you’ll always receive a great price whether buying or selling, and as always with the Alliance, a fair commission.

If personal possession of your assets is your goal, Hard Assets Alliance is the fastest, simplest, and safest way to buy, sell, and store precious metals.